Friday, 21 June 2013

Hungry to happy challenge


“This post is an entry for BritMums’ Hungry to Happy Challenge sponsored by Richmond Mini Meatballs”

I was given the opportunity to review the Richmond's mini meatballs, we decided that tonight we would taste them.

It did take me a little while to locate them in the shop- I assumed they were a fresh product, they were frozen! LOL

Today I decided its Friday and I want to cook something quick. The packet says that you can microwave them. Perfect, we'll have a microwave dinner then! So I asked the children what they wanted "jacket potato and beans with mine" (Stephanie) I decided to join her in this. Dylan doesn't eat jacket potato or beans, so he got some left over pasta.
I went to the cupboard no beans! We have run out and I have pledged not to buy ANY more food until July's payday. So I found some spaghetti instead.

The whole lot was microwaved, it took about 15 minutes in total.



Dylan's, he decided he would like some spaghetti too once he got into the kitchen.
So what did we think on the taste? Honestly, not good. They tasted floury rather than meaty. Very little taste, the children weren't keen either. I do have some left in the bag, they may taste different cooked in the oven but I don't hold out much hope.
Most definitely not worth the £2.49 Tesco's are selling them for.
I didn't read the bag before the taste test, I wanted to not have any preconceived ideas. However, after tasting I must say I was not surprised to read the ingredients;
pork (52%), water, rusk, potato starch, wheat fibre, dextrose, soya. made up 98% of the product. The last 2% was made of various flavours and preservatives.
Typical 'children's food' full of junk and tasteless.
I will be continuing to make my own using meat from the local butchers- sorry Richmond's.
I was not paid to write this review, I was provided with a voucher to cover the cost of purchasing the product in order to review it. The views put across in this review are my own ( and my children's!).



  1. I am sorry you found them lacking but to be honest am not surprised - they are not really much in the way of meat, are they.

    And perhaps we had better not go into the ethics of the origin of the meat?

    Honest review - good for you and the children :-)

    1. No i wasn't overly surprised, but I was hoping that my opinion may have been changed on tasting, that's why I refused to read the ingredients before trying.
      I am happy to review products, but I will be honest in my opinions afterwards :-)

  2. You tried them and were honest, what more could you do. Why do manufacturers assume that children have no taste buds? My 3 years old grandson asks for garlic bread/mash/roasties all the time, he also loves the milder curries and chilli and he really loves beef in black bean sauce.

    1. I don't know it's frustrating isnt it?
      My children eat the same foods I do- real food- and always have. Sounds much like your grandson :-)