Thursday, 6 June 2013

Money saving and good friends!

I have had 2 things mended today, and neither would have happened if not for good friends!
My car has been playing up a little, I messaged my handy car friend yesterday to explain what had been happening. Oh that sounds quite simple to fix. Told me the part I needed and where to buy it. I went after work today the part cost me the grand total of £10.04. Popped over after dinner to have it fitted by lovely friend. I gave him £10 for doing it for me.
We also got to play with his snake

He's a beauty! I do like snakes. Stephanie has suddenly got scared of them, she had always been fascinated I don't know where this change has come from. We need to visit more and brig her round again!

The other mend didn't cost as it was a leaky boiler, which is my landlords responsibility. The pain was getting the specified worker out to do it. They came out last Thursday, despite me saying which boiler I had I was sent an engineer unqualified to fix it. I do not like the company who the landlord uses, I always have issues with them. Their customer service is very poor. I phoned to complain and was given an appointment for yesterday morning. I was at work so my lovely neighbour who is off sick at the moment offered to be around to let the engineer in. They never showed up! I phoned to complain after work to be told I could have an appointment at the beginning of next week. I don't think so! After some assertive speaking on my part I settled for an appointment this afternoon. Again with lovely neighbour house sitting to let them in. Finally, it is all done!

I bought my neighbour a bunch of flowers to say thank you. As she had been put out so much and it saved me taking unpaid time off to get it fixed.

I don't know where I would be without my friends, they really do help me out in so many ways.


  1. I have similar problems with my letting agent. They're only interested in the rent being paid - so lax on fixing things and arranging for an engineer to come out is like an epic trial of patience!

    You're so lucky to have great friends :o)

    1. It's ridiculous isn't it, really annoys me.
      I am very lucky with my friends they are great :-)