Sunday, 9 June 2013


It's no secret that I love shoes, I have lots of them. Some are on the downstairs shoe rack, some are hiding under my bed. There is usually a pair lingering by the back door.
Today as I was out running I was thinking about footwear, I passed lots of other runners most of them had BRIGHT trainers on. When I have been to the shops for footwear with the children I have noticed that bright trainers are everywhere at the moment. Some of them retailing for £££! My trainers I bought in the discount sports shop for around £15.00.

Here are few of my favourite shoes;

These are my running trainers I have had them for around 3 years. They keep my feet moving whether I am in the gym or running in the real world! Today they kept my feet safe as I ran 10k for the first time, it took me around an hour. I am very pleased with myself :-)

These are my gardening wellies. As you can see from the picture I have been out in the garden this morning, I have tried to scrub the fence treatment I splashed about yesterday off of the paving slabs. It has come up a little. It is water based so will come off just a few downpours should get the last of it off. These wellies were given to Dylan by my dad, they used to be my brothers. Dylan has now outgrown them by a couple of sizes, they are one size too big or me but I like to wear them for gardening. As they are too big when it is cold I can wear very thick socks, or several pairs quite comfortably. They also are very easy to get off when caked in mud due to the size.
I love these sandals, as being able to wear them makes it a summery day! They are very comfortable so I can wear them all day at work, or on a family day out quite comfortably. These cost around £10, may have been less 2 summers ago.
I do have some more dressy shoes that I love, they are put away upstairs for the rare occasion I get to go out somewhere for the evening. That's when the heels come out. I love tall heels. Even my 'posh shoes' don't cost me much. I wait to the sales and by them. With the exception of my winter boots which I paid £40 for, they are knee length and leather. I never pay much for my shoes, around £10 usually, then I wear them for years. That is why I have such a collection, although I have recently had a clear out and now only have half of what I used to, the others are destined for the bootfair.
All of those I own have carried these 2 feet for many a distance and will continue to do so for a while yet.

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