Thursday, 25 July 2013

Another after work adventure

Today Stephanie and I went in to do some more sorting and organising in my classroom. That's it now until September I am not going in anymore. The cleaners need to get in next week to do their big clean and then school closes until September so I am done!

After work today Stephanie and I walked along the road to the beach next to the school.
A little paddle as tide was in, there were some of the children from school also paddling, they were very amused to see me in the holidays!
As it is a coastal park we also walked along some of the footpaths and walk ways that have been created. As we walked along Stephanie recognised the sounds of the crickets so we stopped to see what we could spott.

a teeny tiny snail

You may need to click this picture to spot the critter in this one, he's right in the centre;

Climbing a mound, apparently this is better with bare feet

Now we are chilling I have been organising bills as it is payday. My car insurance is cheaper on the new car which is a bonus :-)
Tomorrow we have a busy afternoon/evening planned its the local annual Olympics celebrations so we will be joining in with that.

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