Wednesday, 24 July 2013

1st day of the summer holidays

Today it was the first day of the summer holidays for the three of us. I had my gas safety check first thing, then popped to school with Stephanie for a few hours. Dylan has taken himself to stay at his Dad's for a few days.
After we got back from school I had my niece and nephew for a couple of hours while my sister and her partner went for a baby scan. We had lots of fun in my sunny garden look what we have been upto;

A jug of water being tipped and poured as cups of tea provided a lot of fun. Then this progressed to filling up plant pots and discovering;

So I added some toys from the loft.
And we have our very own mud kitchen! Complete with chalked menu on the fence.
I can see this providing lots of fun over the holidays!
Tomorrow I am off to work for some more classroom organising then we might go for a wander along the beach next to the school. Who knows what adventure we might get into there, or after we leave, this is why I love the holidays :-)