Sunday, 21 July 2013

a pottering kind of weekend.

I have loved this weekend, it has been very calming. Friday night was a meal and a few drinks for the end of term as 1 is off to China and another Chicago. A great time was had by all.
Then up early Saturday morning to help decorate the school float for the village carnival. It was good fun and fantastic to see how it all comes together. I remember riding on the float in the village when I was a child and loved it. I ended up riding on the float as well, I loved it as much as I did as a child- I'm such a big kid! I am definitely doing it again next year and sneaking Stephanie on with me as I think she will love it too.

Today Dylan and I spent some time trying to fix my bike as we plan in cycling much more this summer. We couldn't do it, we had to call in the big guns AKA granddad. He has shown us what is wrong but by the time he managed to get here and figure it out the shops were shut. Still as Dylan is not in school tomorrow he is going to run some errands for me as I have been selling on Amazon again, so while he is posting things he'll pop into Wilkinsons and get the part I need. Expect lots of cycling posts very soon!

I have also spent time pottering in the garden. We have made the hard decision to give up our allotment we just don't have time for it now I am working full time. So we will be clearing out my shed over the next week and handing back the keys. I am a little saddened by this, but we have plans to make our small garden much more productive to try and compensate a little. I had a tidy up and then Dylan and I planted some more seeds. Have a peek how it is going now;

Up by the back gate I'd love to have some plants growing up in a kind of arch here, I need to look into this more.
Lots of strawberries and peas growing here at the moment.

this is the right hand fence if I stand with the house behind me. Growing in the containers you can see here are carrots, salad leaves, potatoes, dwarf beans, plum tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.

this is the left hand side by the back door, we have peas and strawberries in the baskets, my lovely large raspberry bush and our greenhouse that has lost its cover. At the moment not a problem as it is the sunniest part of the garden, hence the frazzled plants!
We have planted lots into the greenhouse today.

This is 'Stephanie's garden' she has mixed flowers and strawberries growing in her containers.

The greenhouse looking slightly more organised.

Then finally what do you do with some over ripe bananas?? Make cake of course! Today I experimented and made chocolate and banana cake, it tastes more of bananas than chocolate and is very yummy. I might have a little with some cream I bought reduced earlier soon.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your allotment but there is so much you can do in containers - I've grown everything from lettuce, radishes peas and potatoes to beans and even pumpkins in pots before we moved here!

    You can whip up bananas to make a kind of ice-cream if you still have some to use :o)

    1. That's just what I need, ty now I know I can give it a good go at growing in the garden :-)

      Yes I do still have bananas, how do you make ice cream?