Wednesday, 31 July 2013


We went to the cinema today, we went today as it is cheap Tuesday so cost considerably less for us to go. We saw Monsters University something I promised several months ago. Going on a Tuesday means that it cost £21.70 for the 3 of us as opposed to £25.90. Also as I keep the 3d glasses and take them this saves an additional £3 buying new on the occasions we do go to the cinema.
We also saved ££'s as we took our food with us. I had made chicken pasties for lunch, as we were at the 11.45 showing they were wrapped in foil to keep them warm and we ate those in there. I made squash to drink in our reused bottles and popped my own corn and put into portion sized bags before I left. I also packed 3 Freddo bars but they are still in my bag.
So although it is an expensive treat to go to the cinema I saved a lot by going on Tuesday and taking all our own nibbles. I could have saved another £5 by watching in 2d rather than 3d.

I am joining in with Elaine in decluttering. Elaine is running a link up where you delcutter your home in 10 days. From Elaine's blog the aim is to;

" rules of engagement are -


Bronze Medal – for tossing 100 bits of crappy crap crap out over the next ten days.

Silver Medal – for making 100 bits of “stuff” leave the building.

Gold medal – for making 100 carrier bags (or size equivalent) out the door in ten days."

So far I have put 10 items into the boot-fair pile, I need to boot-fair this weekend as it is taking over my bedroom bow the attic is pretty much full! I have given a binbag full of old clothes to a neighbour (that's 2 carrier bags right?) 1 carrier bag of toot for recycling from Stephanie's room and 1 carrier bag of recycling from my bedroom. So I am pleased that the house will get less cluttered and I get enthused by a challenge. Well done Elaine for hosting this much needed challenge.
I am very impressed as whilst I was sorting I have found lots of things I forgot were there. My favourite so far are these;
They are scrap books from before they started school. Dylan's was made by me when I was child-minding. I used it as a way to show parents what we do each day. Stephanie's was her record from day nursery so has a lot of photos, observations of her play and pictures she made in it. I knew I  had them in the house somewhere it was lovely to look through and reminisce. Juts look at them both;

My babies have got so grown up!


  1. What a thrifty mama you are! Our cinema does bag searches so that you can't take anything homemade in. It drives me bonkers!

    1. I'm lucky I live between 2 cinemas; one searches so we go to the other one.
      Its crazy if they didn't charge so much people would buy it from them!

  2. Great news about the cinema. You made a treat affordable and I'm sure the children loved it!

    Those books are so precious, memories to last forever.

    Sft x

    1. They did enjoy the cinema, and they are so used to my money saving ways, they don't even ask to go to the cinema shop! They learnt early on if we spend in the shops then there is less money for further days out.
      I love the books, so many memories. They make me proud of the people my children have become, and sad that the tots they were are gone :-)