Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Lazy days

Today we weren't entirely sure what we were going to do. We had a  parcel coming which was our new trampoline net which we have been waiting for, for a very long time (lots of debates and difficulties with the company GRR!!). Parcel arrived then we decided to sit and do our own things for a little; computer games, knitting and reading were on the list.

We had lunch and the I said no more vegging lets do something. Stephanie wanted to go and try again at geocaching. Dylan wanted to walk to the post office place to collect a computer thing we missed yesterday there and back is a 5 mile walk in total. Dylan wanted to go by himself so Stephanie and I headed in the opposite direction. We didn't manage to find any of the geocaches, I think I need to look at getting a compass or something and not just look at the clues and try and guess where they are. Will head over to the geocache website later and see what they recommend. Although we didn't find any geocaches we did enjoy our walk. It was around 4 miles long. Here's some pics;

Stephanie loves this part of the walk, it is a public right of way across a field. She says that it looks like the corn is dancing as she walks through the field (the wind blows a lot here).
Looking to see if there was anywhere in the tree for a geocache to be hidden.

Climbing a cliff

Studying a jelly fish

Very excited, she had found a hatched egg. We are trying to work out what this white egg night belong to this evening.
We are now all home after our walks we have had dinner, shared some of my chocolates and the children are now playing on the wii. We have had a chilled and free day. Bliss!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day, and they definitely got plenty fresh air and exercise :)

    1. It was a lovely day. We have had lots of those. I'm sad we are half way through the hols already

  2. I love walking through corn fields. I will be so sad when they start cutting the corn in the field behind our cottage.

    Sft x

    1. I think Stephanie will be very disappointed too. There is something so peaceful about walking through them isn't there, you can almost forget that this one is next to a major motorway link when walking through it.

    2. Stephanie will be sad when they cut it down, there is something so peaceful about walking through the cornfield. You can forget that it runs next to a major motorway link as you walk across.