Saturday, 27 July 2013

Medway mile

Last night was the yearly Olympic countdown for our area. It began as a countdown to the London Olympics several years ago, it has proved such a popular event it has been continued to countdown to the Brazil Olympics.

It is a family event, lots of free things happening before the races. Then there are short children's races grouped in age groups. Then the competitive/elite race for adults who can run the mile in less than 7 minutes, then the mass family race for those who just want to get around it.

Here are some before pictures
Stephanie is very into Harry Potter at the moment. She loved the high fives she got from teenagers who thought it was great she had a Harry scar!

The 'screeching slide'

Since she last climbed this wall she has developed fear, and didn't get much above this. Bless her

Army assault course

Making a smoothie

Hula hooping
Then it was time for the race. I am so proud of my little runner, she completed the mile in 11 minutes.
A friend took this picture of us at the finish line.
At the end there was this fantastic band, you could completely loose yourself in the beat of the music. In fact we did we lay on the grass just listening for several minutes while we recovered.
Then we were off to do some more of the activities. Back on the bouncy slides, the smoothie bike, hula hoops and a game of Frisbee.

Fruit shy!
Whilst we were doing all this there were various dancers on stage in brazillian style, colourful costumes. All very good but I didn't get zany pictures as battery was running low by then.
Finished with the amazing fireworks.
Another fantastic event, can't wait for next years :-D


  1. Sounds like a fantastic day out - and well done to Stephanie for her 11 minute mile :) x

    1. Ty, it is a fantastic day we look forward to it each year. I'm so pleased the council decided to keep it going :-)