Sunday, 28 July 2013

The charcoal challenge bbq

I have posted before that I was going to take part in the money supermarket's charcoal challenge. We had our bbq yesterday.

For the food I have spent the last couple of weeks collecting up the items needed as and when I saw them on offer and stashed any with short life in the freezer.

we had bread rolls, finger and burger brought in the reduced section for 19p a packet instead of 50+p
We had sausages bought on offer.
The chicken breasts for the kebabs were bought on offer- 2kg for £3.50, as were the mixed drumsticks and thighs for around the same price. The marinades were bought from approved foods.
we also had salads, dips and crisps, chicken nuggets and sausage rolls again all *special priced*
I bought the soft drinks on special offer we had coke and lemonade. I usually don't buy cans however the big boxes were on offer at £4 in Asda so I bought a couple of those. I made the cakes myself, we had iced muffins and mini Victoria sandwichs.
The only thing I didn't managed to buy either reduced or on offer was the burgers. I ended up buying a box of premium priced burgers £4 for 12 as there seemed to be no supermarket ones when I went on Friday to one supermarket then Saturday to another as I had forgotten them in the lead up to the bbq shopping.

I am sure there was more but I can't remember what, oh the charcoals for the barbecue were also on offer at  2 bags for £8.

How many did this little haul feed? 9 adults and 7 children. We all had more than enough food, in fact there are some leftovers which I will eat up over the next few days.

So the best way to get the value for money for a bbq is to plan in advance and pick up offers when you see them. However please remember that this is England and if you plan a bbq this will happen about half hour before everyone is due to arrive;

Yep I had been sitting in beautiful sunshine all morning. So got out everything for the bbq and this came over bringing rain and thunder and lightning just as the first guests were arriving. I through everything back in the shed and declared it an oven-cue instead. However in ten minutes the sun had come back out. So out we headed and did indeed have our bbq.
As we were finishing eating and were sitting around chatting, the children were putting on shows for us. they got the facepaints out and we had a facepaint fight, as you do! LOL
Then the rain and thunder came back. So did we run in scared, don't be silly. we danced in it and puddle jumped!

What a fantastic time we all had.





  1. What exciting weather you had! Once again, I marvel at your great buys, and value for money. You are absolutely right, you should look our for bargains and grab them when you can.

    I hope you do really well with the competition.

    Sft x

    1. It was a very strange day weather wise, certainly kept us on our toes!