Monday, 29 July 2013

Use it up!

This time I am not talking about using up the food we have.
I want to redecorate the 2 rooms which have not been touched since we moved here 3 years ago- the upstairs bathroom and my bedroom. I have ideas for how I want them both to look but money and lack of time have meant that they haven't yet happened.
I want to get both done this summer holiday. So I used knowledge of mixing colours to make the colour I wanted for the bathroom using just old cans of paint leftovers from decorating the rest of the house.
that's 2 tins of blue and one pink- can you guess the colour I am aiming for yet?
The middle tin is so old I couldn't open it but that's fine I can still do what I want.
I mixd some of the blue into the pink, then a little more. It made a lovely pastel lilac colour, not quite as bold a shade as I want. So back in the shed I go I know there's another leftover pot to help me in there;
Yes the splash of red made all the difference.
It still looked a touch light, so in the pot of leftover blue I mixed in a little red and made a deeper shade. I came inside to try them both on the wall and see which one looked best.
d'oh and realised I had forgotten to factor in I was sitting in a very sunny garden mixing the paint so the paler colour (the first I made) was darker than it looked outside. the first colour I made is the shade at the top. I decided that is the one I liked best. So I have just finished the second coat of paint in the bathroom and it is looking fantastic. I have an idea for how to finish the job using mostly what I have already in stashes in the house. Look out for the big reveal when I finish in the next day or 2!

I may need to buy a little wood as I have  plan but apart from that this room makeover has cost me nothing so far!


  1. This is wonderful! I love your confidence at mixing those colours and your passion for getting the job done! Looking forward to the reveal!

    Sft x

    1. Working on the early years has lots of benefits, knowing which colours to mix is just one of them :-D