Tuesday, 16 July 2013

more from the Hampton Court Flower show

While I was at the Hampton court flower show I had a lot of information given to me. I learnt about some of the common pests in the garden. I learnt about one of the pests we have, I forget the name but it is in my notebook, they look like witchety grubs from I'm a celebrity get me outta here. They eat the roots of the plants which explains what happened to my flowers. So I will be putting that advice to use.
We also learnt a lot about bees and their importance, whilst I was not ignorant to this ti is useful for other people to tell Stephanie as she believes them more than me. I collected this information;

I will use this both at work and at home. I plan on doing a lot more outdoor learning and trying to get the whole school involved. This should help with our learning about living things. There is also a lot information about growing bee friendly plants.
I also spoke to a lady from ecover and bought this bag of goodies;
A bargain at just £5.00 for all of them.
We were given a parasol by a team member from the Mcarthy and stone garden. Stephanie and I had just looked around the garden and were sat to the side whilst I applied more sunscreen and a lovely lady gave us a parasol. Here is Stephanie playing with it in the garden;
The day really was amazing. I would definitely like to go again.


  1. I want to go again as well! Am so impressed with your goodies. If you want some outdoor learning info or links email me as I have loads - what with running a Forest School site and eco clubs and stuff. Would be happy to help in any way I can :-)

    1. Thank you for the kind offer, I will be in touch very soon for advice. Am in the process of trying to convince other staff it really is a good idea to go outside and teach- not just during summer term lol