Monday, 15 July 2013

The frugality needs to go on stronger!!

Today I have made a big purchase, this purchase means that I need to crank up the frugality. So whilst I was tempted to 'treat' Stephanie for her fabulous school report with a trip to one of the well known fast food chains which we love. I didn't! Very restrained of me. Instead we had leftovers for dinner. Dylan had some spaghetti Bolognese that the children's nan cooked at the weekend with him, Stephanie and I had fish burgers. I made these using some mash potato from the fridge and half a tin of makeral leftover from last nights dinner, served in bread rolls bought reduced.
 Total cost for tonight's tea
Dylans Bolognese- £0.00
Fish cakes- 9p for the bread rolls (pack of 6 costing 18p a pack, we used 3)
                     1/2 tin of makeral, bought on a 2 for £1 offer so 25p
I've costed the mash as free as I really can't remember how much I paid for the huge sack of potatoes and it used only 1 maybe 2 as was left over from the other day. Served with left over veg- the cabbage was home grown.
My fish burgers. Nothing fancy literally just tinned mackerel squashed together with leftover mash. Lightly fried then in a bread roll with a little mayo. Delicious and simple.

So dinner for 3 of us cost just 34p! even if I factored in the cost of the potatoes it would be well under 50p, that is for all 3 of us to eat not 50p each.

I am very lucky with my mother in law she often saves food she knows I will eat to give us 'ready-meals'. Se is a home cook too so I know her food is good and nutritious.
After dinner Stephanie and I did this;
Yep, we played a board game in the garden. I'm sure this was more meaningful for her than sitting in a fast food restaurant anyway. A lovely relaxing end to our day.
I need to do the pack up for tomorrow, stocks are running low so nothing exciting cheese sandwiches all round with fruit/salad as tastes prefer. Maybe a couple of biscuits from the cupboard stores. Then I will continue with my knitting for a little while before bed.


  1. Ooh, love the idea of those fish burgers - so simple and cheap but they sound lovely :)

    1. They are very simple and tasty- give them a try :-)