Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hampton court flower show

Stephanie and I have had a fabulous day, we haven't spent too much either. I paid a pound less than I expected for our train fares once I got to the station. So £14.95 for our train tickets, then we got the ferry to the flower show £5.00, £2.50 on an ice cream for Stephanie and I spent £5.00 on Ecover goodies and £4.00 on extra drinks. In total we spent £31.45. Take a look at some of our pictures from today;

On the train on route to London

On the ferry

Enjoying our picnic under the shade of a big tree.

A memory picture for me, I want to try this!

We loved this archway. I wonder if we could manage something similar next to our shed?

Me in the arch

Willow art!

Beautiful view of the Palace

Zoomed in

I need to find what these plants are- I love them! the person helping at the stand wasn't sure so I shall be googling later.

This garden was about the decline of the ash trees. Very halloweeny and different to all other gardens there.

This was the Macmillan garden, there is a mirror there I was trying to show. The mirrors are there to represent the Macmillan nurses, there for families when they need them but unobtrusive when they don't. Very much the way my family have found them to be when caring for my Nan and Mum, so a garden very close to my heart.

Another try at capturing the mirror.

"Mum can I get under that shower?"

The very beautiful Ecover garden

We have had a fantastic day. We have admired many plants, talked about which ones we would like in our garden. We decided to look around and then decide what we wanted to buy, however we couldn't remember where to find what we had wanted, and we were too hot and bothered to go around again. So we are going to try and source some of them online/locally.
I still have many more pictures to show you but these will do for today.
I'm just going to finish by saying a big thank you to Compostwoman for hosting the giveaway which I was lucky enough to win, and Ecover for providing the tickets.


  1. ...big awesomeness! ~ thank yoU! ~ for this amazing journey!...(O:

  2. Am SO pleased you enjoyed yourseves! I loved the Macmillan garden as well - did you get some of the free Foxglove seeds from them?

    I have links up to the show gardens and a link to the planting on the Ecover garden with all the plants used, if you need to know :-)

    1. No they weren't giving away the foxgloves (that I saw) when we were looking. I may have missed them though as it was VERY busy around it.

      Are the links on your blog? Will have to go and be nosy