Sunday, 14 July 2013

We're off!!

Today it is a girly day here at the little  family of 3. Dylan has chosen not to be involved in this adventure. Stephanie and I are off to the Hampton court flower show, courtesy of Ecover and Compostwoman's giveaway. I'm rather excited!!

I am hoping to get lot's of inspiration for our little garden to make it a better growing space. I am also hoping for some ideas I can take into school as I try to develop our outside spaces for the children to use. So as my camera is broken, I have my fully charged phone and I have charged Stephanie's camera for us to use today.

I am so excited to have been given the 2 tickets for us to go, and as always I am watching the pennies. I am going to get us there using the train and our family and friend's railcard. It will cost me £15.85 using the railcard, Without it the journey would cost me £27.90. So I have saved the £60 roughly on tickets to get in, £12.05 on train fares so already a total of £72.05.

To help keep the costs low I have also packed this little lot;

Some cucumber slices


cheese sandwiches

Croissants and hula hoops.
bottle of water each (filled from the tap!) 1 bottle of squash for Stephanie and a bottle of lemonade for me (filled from a large cheap bottle in the fridge).
Also I have packed some paper napkins left over from Stephanie's birthday party and some wet wipes collected during a previous trip out somewhere. All of our food and drink has been packed using what was already in my kitchen, I have not purchased any extras/ special treats specifically for today.

So I should save a bit on food too. If the day gets too hot I may end up buying a couple of bottles of water, shall see how we go.

All this saving means that if I see something at the show that I really want and will be useful to us I can buy it using my budget given to me by the children's lovely Nan.

I am cutting as many corners as I can with our spending as I am in the middle of buying something very large, costing an amount like I would never normally spend, More about that another day when all is finalised!