Saturday, 13 July 2013

The charcoal challenge

I have been given the opportunity to take part in the charcoal challenge over at money supermarket.

So I have to throw a frugal barbecue and blog about it. the easiest way I see so far to throw a frugal barbecue is planning. Now we can't plan for the weather, but hopefully it will play along for us!
We have chosen our barbecue to be on Saturday 27th July. This is because we already had plans for this weekend, Stephanie is off to her Dad's next weekend. So the next one we are all home and is not booked up is the 27th. It also gives me a chance to collect what I need. Things that I see from our 'bbq want list' in the reduced section of the supermarkets will be collected over the next couple of weeks and put in the freezer.

So what is on our want list?

Bread rolls; round and finger. I have 1 pack of round ones put away ready.
chicken drumsticks/wings
chicken breast for making kebabs
couscous- already in the cupboard thanks to approved foods
garlic bread- in the freezer already bought in reduced section yesterday
fizzy drinks
alcohol will be supermarket version of the WKD, unless promotions make the real thing better value
charcoal bricks for the BBQs, bought on offer yesterday
paper plates, I already have some in the back of a cupboard somewhere may need more which will get a pack in Poundland, and cups
BBQ skewers
Ice cream- I already have wafers and sprinkles in the cupboard- thanks to approved food.

I think that is everything. The meats I will be getting from the butchers on payday. I need to restock the freezer so I will buy our meat for the next couple of months at the same time meaning I will get a good discount. I don't know the cost until I get to the butchers. I will let you know when I have been.

This barbecue is for a guest list of 18 in total. Lets see how far I can stretch those pennies! Expect another post once I have been shopping, then another once the event has been pulled off. I love to throw a get together this challenge has provided me with a perfect opportunity.

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