Friday, 12 July 2013

peaceful day

Today we have had a peaceful day. I didn't go to work today as the children both had upset stomachs last night so they needed to have a day off school today. Both have been fine all day- naturally!

So I have spent the day working through my weekend list. The list initially seemed to grow as much as I was ticking things off
It ended up with 24 items on it by lunch time this morning. The good news is I have managed 14 of them.
These are the items from my mending pile that I have mended whilst watching TV this evening.
I just need to figure out what I am going to do with one of my dresses, the bodice doesn't fit at all, it's too big.
The house is looking much better, I have even managed to clean the windows.
We enjoyed our dinner in the garden and then a game of Cluedo before Stephanie went to bed. As long as Stephanie is still OK in the morning she has a friend coming around for dinner tomorrow.


  1. ...may all be well with thee and thine soon!...(O:

    1. Ty, they were both better within 24hours luckily :-)