Monday, 8 July 2013


I have had a lovely weekend. It started Friday evening where I went to visit my cousin and her week old baby. He is teeenssyyyyy tiny and very cute. I love baby snuggles.

Then Saturday morning I went shopping for one of these


My friend looked stunning in this style of dress, she tried on lots of dresses in various styles. She looked stunning in the fishtail style. She has a lovely figure and these really show it off. I am disappointed as I won't be seeing the wedding, she is getting married back home in Canada.

From here I went to a bbq at another friend's house, her hubby threw a surprise bbq to celebrate her recent graduation as a qualified teacher. So proud and pleased for her. It was very good to catch up with her and our other friends.

Sunday morning I began by getting on my running clothes;

Maidstone Race for Life 10K - Race

Yep the hottest day of the year so far and there is me running my 10k Race for life.

Home for a shower and I my sister, her partner and 2 children came round. I got the paddling pool out and we had an impromptu BBQ.

Spot the repair! I found a hole in the paddling pool so fixed it quick!
Everyone needed cooling down :-)
Discovering the ripe edibles in the garden. Absolutely fascinated our Sophie that she was allowed to pick and eat what she wanted.
After they went home my aunt popped round. So it really has been a lovely friend/family filled weekend where I haven't stopped but have loved every minute of it.

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