Saturday, 6 July 2013

Bucket list

I have been thinking about my 'bucket list' of things I would really like to do for a while, I was emailed the other day by Emma over at moneysupermarket about a competition they are running to give one lucky winner £1000 towards their dream item, and runners up £50. So I see no long to delay any longer!
Here some my bucket list;

Top of expensive things I would love to do is to

take the children to Disneyland at Christmas, and sleep in a hotel there- before Stephanie is too old to still believe in Santa. This really is something I need to do ASAP bearing in mind she is at the age when Dylan stopped believing.  Money is the main object from me being able to do this. Especially as my car is seriously poorly, so the little I had saved towards this looks like it is going to be swallowed to get a new one. So this is highly likely to be something not achieved.

A budget thing we would like to do;
Go camping in Cornwall for a couple of weeks during this years summer holidays. We would spend time making the most of beaches, local walks and our English heritage/national trust memberships. Even this is looking unlikely to happen this summer as we had originally planned. Again due to the car situation. We may not have a car for the summer holidays to be able to get the tent etc to Cornwall.

Other things I would like to do;
Go to Spain/Italy/ somewhere hot for a holiday, just because we have never been anywhere like this.
Go to Lapland.
go to Ireland
Run a marathon
climb Snowdon again, hopefully in some better weather than when I did before!
buy a new car
buy a house
go to Scotland
Learn to dance
Take both children to Chessington for the day
Go to the art gallery I went to on a staff development day recently as I would like time to look around properly
Have a BIG party for family/friends

Oh I am sure there are many more things. I will probably add to this list as I think of more things.

I have been asked to add the links to 3 other bloggers I think may be interested, I hope this is ok with each of you.

3. Compostwoman

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