Wednesday, 3 July 2013

First harvest

Today we have picked our first harvest of the summer. There is also the promise of lots more to come in the garden. Let's hope so :-)

Yesterday while I had the oven on I decided to use up these bananas which are looking slightly past best.

I made 12 fairy banana cakes for my lunches. Then some plain fairy cakes for the children as they don't like banana cake.
Tonight Dylan had a friend round for tea. I forget to check what this lad does/doesn't like. He has been tea several times before. He is a good eater, not at all fussy. I dished up, called everyone to the table. As I put his plate down eh says "I've never had cooked fish before" I say oh, sorry I forgot to check, Don't eat if you don't like it. conversation continues and he clears his plate. PHEW!
I do like when friends come round and they eat 'normal' for us at least food.
Challenge for this week has been set by Stephanie. She has a party on Saturday can I make a bag before then for her friend, and can I make a bag for her teacher for the end of term present as she never has enough space in hers!
So there is my weekend challenge. I'm busy sorting data etc for work the next evening or 2. But these will be done once that is finished. With the exception of her friend's bag as that has a more imminent deadline, that will need to be done Friday evening.

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