Wednesday, 7 August 2013

a finished something for me

I decided that I should knit something for me, I always seem to be knitting for others, not that I mind but decided it was my turn. The pattern was out of one of my mum's old knitting magazines. It says it knits up in a couple of hours. Perfect, I'll be able to do that. It is a simple pattern nothing scary or new to learn to do it. It is a new pattern but it is made up of  the usual stitches.
It didn't knit in a couple of hours though, either the magazine exaggerates or I am slow- possibly a mix of both. It took me a just over a week of knitting at least one hour a day. I am very pleased with the result;

fresh off the needles waiting for sewing

Sewn together and worn as intended.
Stephanie placed her order as soon as the pattern started to take shape- she seemed most put out when I said this one is for me LOL
She wants one exactly the same as mine, a pink one and a white one apparently.
Luckily the pattern is so simple I can adapt it from the adult sizes to fit her fairly easily. So when I get five minutes I will begin hers. I'll start with one the same colour as mine as I have that yarn out already.
Now I must go and get showered and ready for the day as it is my nephews 3rd birthday and I need to go and visit him. I'm being lazy today though I didn't wake until 8.30am. I'm normally in the gym and half way through my work out by then. Not sure if I will make it to the gym today now.


  1. It looks lovely worn & perfect for this time of the year!

    With thoughts turning to the colder months I've just started knitting a cardigan for my little girl and only last night was thinking it was time I knitted something for myself (must be something in the water!)

    1. There must, there's a lovely little girls pattern in the same magazine which I'm planning to do after her shrug