Thursday, 8 August 2013


Today has been mostly about organisation. Dylan has been organising his bedroom, I have sorted Stephanie's and my bedrooms. I have recycled lots of old pieces of paperwork etc and donated a bookcase to my sister. The carpets have all been shampooed I never cease to be amazed and disgusted in equal measures to how much dirt comes out of the carpets.

I have taken Dylan to his Dad's house for a week, Stephanie still has another week and  a day at her Dad's before she comes home.

What am I going to do with myself for a whole week? Well, I plan on getting the house finished there are 2 cupboards crying out for sorting. I am going to do another bootfair on Sunday and I need to do some planning etc for work before September.

That is not going to take a whole week, so I am hoping to go exploring local places; I have my national trust and English heritage memberships so I may use those to explore some of the places which don't appeal as much to the children, there are also lots of lovely places to walk not too far from here so I will probably do some of those as well. I would love to go away for a few days on my own, but there are not enough pennies in the bank so that will wait for another time.

The first thing I did arriving home alone was look in the fridge. There are lots of fruits and salads that need using up so I made this for dinner;

That's a cheese and onion slice from the freezer stash, and lots of the salad that needed using with a grating of cheese on top. The can of coke is left over from the bbq the other week.
I have a decision to make which you may be able to help me with. This is the storage chest from my bedroom. I can't decide whether to leave it as it is;
Or to cover it with a cushion and some of the left over material from making my curtains;

What do you think?


  1. ...looks goodly both ways! ~ perhaps scatter cushions ~ that can be used both on the chest and else where?!...(O:

    1. That's a fab idea, I'm gonna do that!

    2. ...yay!...(O: ...and i've seen the results! ~ doing the happy dance with thee!...