Friday, 9 August 2013

Seven Sisters

Today I took myself off for a walk. It wasn't a particularly local walk but it is one I have wanted to do for a while. I walked the Seven Sisters cliff top walk at Eastbourne. It was a long walk at around 8 miles, it's off road so a bit tricky to map exactly, but look at the views;

I parked the car at a National trust car park- it's free this way as I have membership saving my £3.50 for a days parking. I decided to head off in the direction of the lighthouse first;

This is the Belle Tout lighthouse up close. This lighthouse had to be moved in the 1990's due to cliff erosion.. Whilst I was admiring the views from this lighthouse I spotted another one;

So I walked to that one too, I walked to the top of the cliff to see it, but I was too chicken to peek over the edge- it's VERY high up there. You can see how misty it is in those first pictures. After this I decided I wanted to walk in the other direction to get to the Seven sisters cliffs.
They are some very steep cliffs and the hills on them are steep too;
But they are worth the effort look at this;

Absolutely stunning. There were times when I couldn't see another human being for miles- it was lovely, very peaceful all you could hear were the wildlife in the grasses, the birds and the waves crashing on the cliffs below.