Monday, 26 August 2013


We went to stay at my sisters for a few days last week, then she came to stay at mine. We have been super busy having lots of days out. I'm going to do some catch up posts to show what we have been up to. This is the first one, I may make the others scheduled posts as we are off to the New forest tomorrow for 5 nights. So they should appear while we are away, then when I am back I will post about what we do there.

On the Friday evening we arrived at my sister's house. On the Saturday both of my sisters were working (they work together in a beauty salon). So I had my niece and nephew for the day. We went to visit my Dad.

The children spent most of their time outside while my Dad and I had a good catch up.
Having a little rest as they started to get sleepy.
On the Sunday we had a big family day to the beach, I went with my two, My sister Ang and her husband and daughter came, my sister Kath, her husband and 2 of her children came, my niece who lives with my Dad came, My brother Rick and his girlfriend and her 2 children came, my brother Matt and his girlfriend, my Dad and Stepmum and her brother and 2 children came. So quite a few of us. We had a picnic and lots of fun!
This is the only picture I took as I forgot to charge my battery!
There were lots more taken by others but I don't have them.
We went to my favourite beach by my sisters house- West Kirby. The tide goes out very far there and there are some little Islands you can walk to if you want. We spent the day splashing, digging, spinning and chasing. It was great!



  1. What a great idea to organise a break like that at each others' houses.

    Looks like you had great fun and made some wonderful family memories too.

    Looking forward to hearing more about what you've been up to.

    And have a WONDERFUL time in the New Forest!

    Sft x

    1. we try and visit each other several times a year, it is always amazing just how much each of our children change in just a few months. It saves a fortune in b and b's etc if we just rearrange our sleeping arrangements for a few nights to fit in to each others homes. The children love having such a long period of time to play together as well.
      Thank you- I am sure we will.