Tuesday, 27 August 2013


While we were at my sister's house I asked for us to have a trip to Blackpool. This is one of the items on my Bucket list. So I am very pleased we got to do it.

The Blackpool Tower, we didn't go up as we were trying to have a budget day, it would have cost a lot for us all to go up. Maybe next time.

The tide was in when we arrived so we spent some time eating our picnic and letting the children play on the big stones.
 Once the tide went out we had a paddle and a dig on the sand.
Then we ended up in the arcade as we couldn't find any toilets. My two were pleased as I gave them 50p each and they made it last until we left. We spent over an hour in there, they have learnt which games are worth playing.

Then we went back down onto the beach and the smaller children all had a donkey ride. Stephanie loved tehm and now wants a job as a donkey ride person!

Then it was time for an ice cream before home. Well the children had ice creams, us adults had hot chocolate.
We got the train to Blackpool using our family rail card, costing  a total of £18 for me and my 2. We spent £4.00 on ice creams, £2.50 on my hot chocolate. When we arrived I realised we had forgotten our buckets and spades so spent £6 buying more, and £2 on rocks for their cousins who didn't come with us. So a total of £32.50 for our day. Oh no, I forgot the donkey ride- £35.00. Still a bargain day and another item off the bucket list :-)


  1. Love that Sarah! You did so much for your money. I love that photo of Stephanie with the donkeys! It's beautiful.

    Hope you are having a great time on your new holiday.

    If you want either or both of the vouchers I've got where 1 adult pays and the child goes free (or another adult) let me know!-It's for the Blackpool Tower Attractions (excluding the tower and jungle jims) or for Madame Tussauds Blackpool.

    Sft x

    1. Thank you SFT.
      That would have been lovely, we are back in Kent now though. I will have to look out for vouchers like that if we go again.