Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Mote Park.

We came home from my sister's house on the Wednesday, her and my niece caught a lift on our car and came to stay with us. The Thursday was spent visiting various family members. Then Friday we went swimming in the morning then met my brother, sister, her partner and 2 children at More Park for a picnic and afternoon of fun. We walked around the park for a little letting the children chase and run around. Then decided to go on a boat ride.
Here we all are just off out onto the lake. My sister decided that at 37 weeks pregnant she would be safer watching us, my brother waited with her.
We had great fun, Dylan and Billy steered 'the swan' and managed to crash us into the weeping willow at the side! LOL
Then we took our shoes off and paddled our feet in the lake, very refreshing it was a warm day.
We finished the day off by having an ice cream before heading home.
Total spend £4 for the boat (it was £12 split between the 3 families) ice cream and drinks £8.50. total £12.50 for the day. (swimming is free as our council have under 11's swim free and Dylan and I get swimming included in our gym memberships.


  1. And such a lovely, fun day out. Those funny times together will be remembered in years to come. Good frugal fun.

    Sft x