Thursday, 29 August 2013

Bodiam Castle.

My niece had one request while they were staying at my house; to go to a castle. We decided to take her to one of our favourite castles- Bodiam.
 As it is a National trust property it is free for me and my two as we have membership. I also do not have to pay in the car park (normally £2.)
I took in my nieces on my membership card as well, my nephew is free as he is under 5.

We had a lovely time exploring the castle and talking to people in their period costumes/ roles and learning more about castle life.

looking down from the top of the castle, at my heavily pregnant sister, who for some reason didn't want to climb up the steps! LOL
She is the black/grey dot in the centre of the picture.

 Watching the family of ducks.
Learning about the life of a baker in the castle, and discovering that they had no potatoes or tomatoes back then- let alone no chocolate!!

Learning how to sword fight.
Before learning archery

and how to use cross bows.

Brass rubbing a picture of one of Ann Boleyn, Stephanie is still fascinated by anything to do with Henry VIII.
Total cost for today, archery £3.00, crossbows £1 brass rubbing £3.50= £7.50.


  1. What an amazing day out at such a great cost. We have been to Bodiam Castle, it's so beautiful but not for a special event, which truly enhances the learning experience for the little ones.

    Sft x

    1. It is a stunning castle isn't it. We love it there.