Thursday, 29 August 2013


My niece has been asking my sister for weeks to buy fish 'with heads on' for their dinner. My sister is a little squeamish about this and uncertain how to fillet a fish so while they were visiting we went to the supermarket to buy some fish. We came back with  some trouts for ours dinner that day and I bought a whole salmon as they are currently on offer. I helped the girls to take off the heads of the mackerel and the tails. Then showed them how to fillet them before we cooked them for our dinner. Once the fish were cooking the girls asked if they could look at the bones and heads we had removed. They spent time looking at these, studying the eyes and discovering that if they poked the eyes black liquid came out- gross!
While they were doing this I was showing Dylan how to fillet and portion up the salmon ready for us to freeze in portion sized pieces for future dinners. Once we had removed the head the girls asked if they could study this too. That is how these pictures came about originally posted here ;

lots of learning came out of this, the children discovered that the fish have bones, that they have a back bone which is different to ours, they have 2 eyes like us, except they are on different sides of their heads. So what many people have called 'gross' our children have learnt a lot.


  1. Yes very educational!

    Lucky you having salmon in the freezer. My favourite food of all.

    Sft x

    1. It is my favourite fish, so whenever I spot it on offer it gets stocked up :-)