Friday, 30 August 2013

Chessington World of Adventures.

This is our BIG day out. For years my family have all gone to Chessington as a group, starting back when I was about 11 or 12. For various reasons it has happened more infrequently the last few years. This year we went again. It is Stephanie's first time there. She loved it, Dylan had a fantastic day. In fact everybody did. The youngest member of our group was just 8 weeks old, the oldest well let's just say in his 50's- I may get into trouble if I say anymore!!

We started the day with a MacDonald's breakfast, a very rare treat in our house! We then met up with various aunts/uncles/cousins/sisters/nieces/nephews. There were 17 of us in total.
Entrance to Chessington (and all the Merlin group theme parks) is extortionate! £43 each for me and Dylan, £35 for Stephanie. Way out of my budget at a total of £121.00. That's before anything else. However I had enough points on my nectar card to take advantage of their double up offer earlier in the month to get 2x £40 entrance vouchers for the day. Bringing down the cost of entrance for me and Dylan to £3.00 each. I also had a half price voucher from a packet of Kit Kats which I used to get Stephanie in for £17.50. So entrance fee for the three of us brought down to a much more reasonable £23.50. That's more like it!

Stephanie on the bubbleworks with my uncle, she absolutely loved this ride and soaked us all by putting her hand in the fountains the whole way round.
This I Dylan, Stephanie, me and my cousin on the Dragon falls ride. Stephanie did not like this one, it made her cry-whoops!
She went for much gentler rides after this.
We ate in one f the restaurants in the park. They used to have a fried chicken place here, which was reasonably priced so we were heading there. They have changed it to a chicken place- a kind of like Nando's but not as nice! For the three of us to eat it came to £26.00.
We went on lots of rides, taking it in turns to wait with those not big enough to go on some of them. Or taking turns in taking on those that wanted to go on but needed an adult in the instance of my heavily pregnant sister and littlest nephew. I got to spend lots of time with him yesterday as he wasn't confident to o on with many of the other adults on the rides, as he doesn't see them as often and he is super shy.
WE ended the day by a quick mooch in the gift shop, each of us chose a pen total cost £8.00. we also got some doughnuts- £3.00.
Total cost for the day £54.50, well under the original entrance fees of £121.00. I will be saving my nectar points again to fund us having this fantastic day out again next summer.


  1. Sounds like it was fun!
    Crazy expensive though, so saving the nectar points is a good idea. And its nice to have a day out like that with the entire family and not worry too much about the cost :)

    1. It was fun, we are hoping to reintroduce it as an annual family event. It's so much more fun as a group.

  2. Wow Sarah, that's an amazingly low spend at such a place. I am so impressed, and yes, start saving the nectar points NOW!

    Sft x

    1. The saving has already begun :-)