Monday, 2 September 2013

The New forest

Last week the children and I went off on a camping adventure to the New forest. We have had an amazing time. We have explored all sorts of little places near where we camped. We have crossed off several items on my bucket list. I want to show you it all! But that would make a very long blog post, so I am going to start with showing you where we stayed.
We didn't book our campsite until Monday, we went to the New Forest Tuesday morning. We didn't have long to pack, but the only thing we managed to forget was our pillows!

We stayed at the Roundhill campsite. It is a lovely campsite in the forest. You can pitch up where you are happiest. There were field areas and little hedged areas. We chose to pitch in a little hedged area.

We parked up the car and were amazed by how close the ponies come.

You can see what a glorious dry summer we have had this year by the casualties of putting up the tent!

This rather friendly ponie gave us a quick lesson in why the campsite ask you not to keep food in your tent, she checked out the boot of the car whilst we hammered in tent pegs.

And then the tent! A good advert for the spaciousness of our tent- it can fit a pony in it!

This is the pond on site.
A view of the campsite. Once we were pitched up we went to explore the site. It is a lot larger than it seems. The trees and hedges seem to hide a lot of the site, its not until you go off and explore you realise just how big it is. There were several large toilet blocks, which meant we never queued, which also helps the feel of the site being small and not crowded as some do, particularly in the school holidays.

As the site is in a wooded area, the forestry commission bans the use of wood fires. So after we barbecued our sausages for dinner we attempted to toast marshmallows on the charcoals, not quite the same as on a wood fire, but fun all the same.
I will show you some of the places we explored later, but for now I need to go and get a start on the mammoth to-do list- I'm back at school tomorrow and have lots to do first!
I wonder how much of this I can get done today?


  1. Oh I am so glad you had a wonderful time. Thank you for showing us the campsite. The cheeky ponies made me laugh.

    Looking forward to hearing more.

    Hope school is going ok.

    Sft x

    1. The ponies were very amusing, I can't believe how tame some of them were!
      School is good, busy BUSY though!