Wednesday, 14 August 2013


I had this old chair in my allotment shed, I used it for rests when working down there, but as we have given the allotment up now I decided to make use of it at home.
This is it half way through sanding. It has a red back and arms and blue seat. I sanded it off and gave it 2 coats of white gloss which I had leftover from giving my kitchen unit a makeover.

And now I have a lovely white chair to sit in my white bedroom. It needs a cushion or a throw with a splash of blue and it will be perfect.
I have also worked through my mending pile I know have 2 dresses and a skirt for me and a dress for Stephanie which have been sat for a couple of weeks waiting to be sorted out.
This was all done yesterday, today I have been out with my in-laws for the day. We had a lovely day and I only took one picture the whole day
The animals were all behind bars which were impossible to get decent pictures around so I gave up and just enjoyed myself instead. The best thing is I now have a years ticket to the zoo for me and Dylan. The tickets automatically upgrade to a years ticket if you buy them on the gate. A big bonus is Dylan's dad paid for his ticket so I only paid for me, £23.00. When we go back in a couple of weeks I will need to get a ticket for Stephanie but bargain, and we will use them several times in the next year- to make sure we get our moneys worth! LOL


  1. Your seat looks great and I know that it won't be long before you find or make a pretty blue cushion for it. I have a white chair in the bedroom which I use as my reading chair!

    And that annual pass! Wow! That is great value for money and you can return so often. The children will learn so much.

    Just fantastic! And that is a beautiful photo-but sometimes it's time to put down the camera and just enjoy the moment isn't it?

    Sft x

    1. The ticket is a good bargain, they don't have as wide a range of animals as some zoo parks, but we can learn so much about the ones that they do have, and it is only a short drive from home so we can go as often as we want.
      We already have a trip planned for in a few weeks. It is great as the children's grandparents have tickets, as do their aunt and her family. We can go as a group or individually.