Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sewing day

Well more of a sewing morning, yesterday.
I decided I wanted to make a fabric basket with some material left over from the curtains and cushions I made for my new bedroom. I had a quick search online to see how others had done theirs, and decided I didn't have the materials they used so made up my own pattern with what I did have.

I measured my material to make the sides I decided my long sides would be 35cm the short 25cm but  made the sides in one continuous strip. I needed something to make the sides stiff. I found some of the iron on stuff (that's the technical name! LOL)I used to make the curtains stiff wehre I put the eyelet rings. Perfect. so I ironed it on;

This is what I had to use.

I needed to do 2 strips as it wasn't wide enough.
I then cut a piece out to be the bottom and ironed 'stiff stuff' onto that as well. I sewed the bottom to the sides, then joined the seam of the sides. and hey presto I have a box/basket


on the shelf.
It was really simple to make, despite the naff instructions. I will make some more, I am disappointed that I have no m ore of this material left. I also need to find the name for 'stiff stuff' as I need to buy some more, and I am not brave enough to google my name for it!
Whilst I was sewing I made some cushion covers out of some material from the stash. These are destined to go in my reading corner at school. I just need to source some cushions to stuff them with;
Another simple, 5 minute sew.

Once they were done I went off and spent the day with various family members. Which was lots of fun involving hugging a tiny baby, tormenting my niece and nephew, and LOTS of laughs.


  1. Just look for Iron in interfacing, it comes in several weights, I use heavy duty or firm for baskets. If I run out I will use medium weight and do rows of parallel stitching about 1/2" apart on the basket sides to firm them up. You made a good job of that one.

    1. haha thank you. That sounds a much safer term to google! I will have a look. I don't know where I got the stuff I used from. I think it may have been in my mum's stash that I inherited.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Well done for your profits at the boot fair. I am crossing everything that you can raise the extra money for your holiday. Your kids had such a brilliant time at the caravan. Do let me know how that goes? Not nosy, just hoping and wishing for you all!

    Another sewing success. What a beautiful basket and I hope you find some cushion pads for your covers.

    Sft x

    1. Ty,
      I have raised the money now, I had forgotten when I traded my old car in the dealer gave me a form to fill in to claim back the tax as it had 10 months on it still. The cheque has arrived, which was a nice surprise. We now need to decide where to go! I am waiting for the children to come back from their Dad's to talk it through with them. although I am seriously tempted by the New Forest, I have always wanted to go there.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Brilliant news Sarah! That has made my day! Now you can start the planning.

      Sft x