Sunday, 11 August 2013


Today I began by doing another bootfair. I am trying to make enough money for us to have a weeks camping before we go back to school. I really want to go to the New Forest, we will have to see.

At the bootfair I sold £31.50 of old items, mostly clothes after deducting the £10.00 pitch fee that is a profit of £21.50. Combine that with last weeks total I have made a profit of £58.20. That is roughly half of what I need to camp for the week. So time to get the thinking cap on for how to come up with the rest, considering we are going away this weekend to stay with family.

Once home from the bootfair I stashed the unsold items in the attic, I may do another bootfair in a few weeks if they are still running, depends on the weather as to how long they go on for. I had a little snooze and then I have  sat watching films and knitting. I have made this for Stephanie, when she returns from her Dad's house;

It is identical to the one I made for myself which she loves so much. I am thinking about casting her one on in the green wool I have left over from knitting her school cardigan as sometimes she wants a cardigan but her others are to warm. It doesn't use much yarn to make these, they are great stash busters and the pattern is really easy to pick up and put down when you have a few minutes.

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