Saturday, 7 September 2013


When we were in the New Forest we loved this village. It has ponies and donkeys roaming free through the middle of it. There are old world type shops and a school/community garden with an honesty box.
Lots of lovely thatched cottages

Friendly donkey by the village lake

ponies and foals wandering freely around

The village lake

 The growing garden, and below Stephanie selecting some green beans for our dinner from the honesty box.



this is the old fashioned newsagent, with real pick and mixes like we used to get when I was a child.
We loved this village so much that we came back en route for home! We visited the shop for our 20p mix-ups each, I also bought some local plums and strawberries, all gone now lol.
We then had lunch in a café in Steff's kitchen not our usual cheap as chips type place, but delicious. Dylan had a steak Panini, I had goats cheese and pesto and Stephanie had a children's tuna sandwich. The children's sandwich came with cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks and carrot sticks. Stephanie was a little disappointed to only get 2 of each though- she does love her veggies. We also shared a portion of chips, which was plenty for the three of us, the portions are large, it was a very different treat- the chips came out in a flower pot! If you are nearby it is well worth a visit- but don't expect it as an uber-frugal treat!


  1. We have never been to Beaulieu but we certainly will. It looks so tranquil and traditional. I love the school/community garden. I'd certainly be buying some of those delicious beans. And such a sweet 'sweet' shop too.

    What a pretty donkey Stephanie is stroking.

    The cafe sounds lovely and how nice that they added veggies to the children's food.

    Sft x

    1. I absolutely loved it, it was very tranquil and traditional. I agree about the veggies for the children's meals as well as the adults. I hate that so many places assume children won't eat them. Stephanie usually shares mine in those places!