Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bournemouth Air show

we were talking to people working on our campsite while we were in the New forest. They told us that the Bournemouth air show was on. Perfect! A lovely free day by the sea!
We travelled down and saw a sign for park and ride. So we stopped I was  little shocked after I parked, I had assumed that park and ride would be free as it is where we live. This park and ride was £10 for the day. Still parking by the beach was same price, I just didn't need to fight for a space to park. We had a great day.
The Red Arrows

WW2 memorial flight.

The Blades, I was amazed to learn that you can fly in one of these planes as a passenger. I haven't looked into how much yet but it is a serious consideration to go onto my Bucket list- it looks amazing to do!

This plane was so fast and loud it whizzed across the beach unannounced and everyone just froze what they were doing to look. The stunts that all of these planes flew were amazing. I was absolutely fascinated, I really would love to have a go in one of them!

Of course where there is water, my water baby MUST get in! :-)

An army chopper- I forget what it was called now. But the children loved it!

Stephanie by the memorial for the Red arrow pilot who's plane crashed 2 years ago at the event.
Just to give you an idea how busy Bournemouth was this is one little section of the beach, it was this thick along the beach and up the top of the cliff for miles with spectators.
It was a fantastic day. We took all food and drink with us for the day. I paid for the parking and £6 roughly for ice creams for us all at the end of the day.
If any readers live nearby, or are visiting next year, whilst it is busy it is a fabulous event an well worth the crowds to see.


  1. I keep reading about airshows! I am so excited about ours now-Mr Sft doesn't know, it's a surprise for his birthday.

    Sft x

    1. You will love it. I hadn't been to an air show since I was a child and I still had the same sense of wonder and amazement. I think I enjoyed it more than the children LOL
      Have you long to wait?

    2. We went to a free airshow last Sunday and saw the Memorial Flight but the main event is on the 13th October.

      Sft x