Sunday, 29 September 2013


Just a quick post today, I'm tired after a full on weekend.

I went shopping yesterday as the freezer was nearly empty, the cupboards rather bare. I bulk buy in the butchers to fill the freezer. They know me well in there now, I go in and spend about £100 each time. If I went in and bought a little of what I needed each week I would get half the meat for my money. I now have a completely full freezer. I then went to the supermarket to get the tins and things I needed for the cupboards. We now have more than enough food for this month, I'm hoping the food in the freezer will last up until Christmas. The cupboard food should last well into November. So all the food I need to buy will be fresh goods- fruit, milk etc. throughout this month.

My aunt's dog has come for a visit again, as my aunt has another holiday. So I have been for an hour and a half walk this morning. I really enjoy walking her.

Then family came round for a BBQ, I invited my sister and her family for dinner thinking I would do a roast but they requested a BBQ. They live in a flat with no garden so they love to come over and spend the whole time in our garden. It's a good job I like being outside :-)

I made a cake for dessert

My eldest niece testing out the Diddicar

All the children put on princess dresses.

Playful Zara.
Now looking forward to another busy week at work. We are toying with different ideas of what we need to be able to cycle as a family more. Think I am going to start looking out cycling equipment on gumtree etc.


  1. I hope you all enjoyed the BBQ and each others company. Lots of fun!

    Sft x

  2. Zara looks like a playful pup! That's quite a chew toy she has there!

    1. Zara is vvery playful, although only a pup in her head- she is 5 now! Lol