Saturday, 5 October 2013

London again!

Yesterday was Dylan's 15th birthday- where did that time go? We had a meal out with family to celebrate in the evening. Stephanie helped me to make his birthday cake;

Regular readers may have noticed we LOVE London. We decided to have a day out today in London. We started by going to the Canal Museum it was smaller than expected from the leaflet. It was more about ice cream/ ice collecting than canals. Due mostly to the person who owned the building when it was used as an ice house bringing the ice in on the barges. It was advertised that you could see a model lock, which I assumed to mean it would be a small version of a lock, in reality there was not even any water in it.

There was one canal boat there you could get on which was good to see but there was no information on  the boat how they are used/built etc which I found very disappointing. The museum wasn't expensive to get in (Thank fully!) it cost £8.00 for the three of us. From here we went to sit along the canal and eat our pack up before we went to the M and M shop. we had a look around Paddington station, Stephanie is mad on Paddington and she was impressed with the Paddington bear shop there, but she had expected some sort of Paddington statue I think.
Outside the M and m shop there is a water feature- yes you guessed it Stephanie couldn't resist touching it
She also tested out the water in the canal earlier in the day.

Next we went to the Museum of London where we had a good look around the roman section as Stephanie is studying this in school at the moment.

testing out the kitchen equipment in the roman house
 testing out  a roman bed

Not roman but fascinating all the same!

We have had a good day despite some things not being as we expected, it was nice to have a day out together.

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