Sunday, 6 October 2013


Today we went for a swim after a lazy (thanks to the teenager!) start to the day. As usual swimming didn't cost any extra as we have our gym memberships and can use any of the local authority pools as much as we want with this. After swimming I have spent some time sewing with Stephanie;

She is making a cuddly toy, I am so proud of how well she is doing with this. She has really got into crafts at the moment and concentrates for long periods of time.
We have also completed all of her homework so will have no more to do until the next lot comes home on Friday- good job as I have 2 late nights for parents evenings this week!
I have made dinner on a shoestring, we had tuna fishcakes
tin of tuna- 75p
potatoes- 28p (from a large sack bought at the farm shop
1 egg- 17p
breadcrumbs- 12p
total cost £1.32. I made 10 fishcakes for this so they come in at just over 13p for one fishcake. Stephanie and I had 2 each for dinner so dinner this evening cost about 53p for 2 of us. Dylan had some noodles and chicken as he doesn't like tuna. the noodles cost pennies as they are from the 9kg box I bought for £3.99 at the beginning of the year, the chicken was some we had in the fridge probably about 25p for less than 80p we have all eaten this evening.
I am going to try and cost each of our meals this week as I like seeing how cheap I can be it really spurs me on to reduce spending and I desperately need to cut costs as far as possible as the bank account looks very short this month.
Lets see how stretchy I can make October!

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