Thursday, 10 October 2013

A finished knit!

I have finished the scarf I was making from Elaine's stash busting pattern. It used almost a  whole ball of yarn. It took me about 10 days of 40 mins a day. It was claimed by Stephanie before it was even half done!

here she is the moment I had finished casting off and sewing in the ends!

she is very pleased with it. It was finished just I time as the temperatures dropped drastically last night. I have been freezing all day!

I have had a good week, I have had 2 no spend days so far. I needed to buy a new shower curtain Monday as ours ripper and was barely staying up. I shopped around and found a lovely thick good quality one for £4.00. Tuesday was a no spend day. Wednesday I had Stephanie's Brownie uniform to pay for- £30! OMG I had no idea Brownies was s expensive. Thursday a no spend day. I should manage tomorrow as a No spend day as well. I am sure there is nothing I need. I am hoping to make Saturday a No spend day as well. Sunday I plan to do a little food shop for the fruit/veg etc that we need for our lunches. I have a maximum budget of £20 per week until the end of the month. Which should be easy to stay under as I have a freezer and a large cupboard full of food.


  1. The scarf is lovely, I a knitting one too at the moment x

    Sharon x

    1. Tu, can't wait to see yours. I have now cast on a pair of elaine's socks