Saturday, 12 October 2013

More finished projects

last night Stephanie finished her first sewing project. I helped her  a little, mostly with organising the pieces she needed to stitch. I'd start of the sewing by doing 2/3 stitches at each piece and then she completed the project herself. She was most amused by shoving the stuffing up the poor rabbits bottom!

I have been following Elaine's sock pattern. It is one of the few patterns that I have been able to knit in the time specified! Elaine says you can knit one sock in an evening, she doesn't exaggerate! Here is one sock completed;
I have cast on the next sock, once I have made my way through today's to do list (which seems to be forever growing!) I will get the second one finished. I may even make another pair they are so simple to knit.
I have been making the to do list and the shopping list whilst sorting other things I need to do on the computer. The most important thing I still need to do is to source a decent bike for Stephanie as she has outgrown her current bike- off to scour gum tree and the like for an 18" girls bike as her Christmas present.
Have a good day all


  1. Oh wow, tell Stephanie well done from me she did a fantastic Job, and thank you for the link for the sock pattern, I have lots of sock wool so may give this pattern ago
    Sharon x

    1. I will ty, she is so proud of herself, snowy goes everywhere at the moment.
      It really is a simple sock pattern, I highly recomend it! I will prob make several more pairs over the next few weeks.