Sunday, 13 October 2013


I've had a busy weekend (what weekend isn't!)
Yesterday I went to visit my sister as she seemed a bit fed up, baby is feeding almost constantly, the older two are feeling the new baby and her partner has an abscess on his tail bone so is in a lot of pain. I went a round with the intention of offering to take the older two out for a bit. Ended up taking her partner to the hospital as his abscess had burst while we were chatting. It's all drained now but still sore. After I dropped him at hospital I took the children to the park before heading back to my sisters. Then home for dinner Dylan cooked  a lovely chicken curry then back to the hospital to collect sisters partner and drop him home.

Then this morning I got up and completed 3 1/2 hours of school work, before popping to see my cousin and her baby. Quick run to Tesco then home to cook dinner as my sister and family came for dinner. they left a little while ago and I have spent an hour or so ironing and getting everything prepped for the week.

I should never go to Tesco before I have lunch, I ended up buying some expensive (for me!) treats. We bought £1 worth of blueberry cheese, £1 of Mexicana cheese, 80p of brie (on offer) and a pot of olives. Although it is an expensive treat it will last me for several lunches I will take the same for lunch in the week until it is gone. Even with the slight over spend I saved a few pound as I had several vouchers to use my weekly shop this week came  to £26.19 instead of the £20.00 I had budgeted for. which means I will have less for next weeks. I will need to be very careful, although I could just pop to the coop, as their prices tend to be higher I am reluctant to buy anything.

In the sealed pot this week went 23p I found whilst cleaning.

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