Friday, 18 October 2013


Tonight I am feeling tired, and I want something sweet to eat. I have no sweets/chocolate in the house to eat. I did have a chocolate sponge I cooked for our lunches and we have barely eaten. So a quick Google and I found how to make chocolate fudge topping. Chocolate fudge cake is my favourite- I always have it if we eat out but I have never considered making it. the fudge topping was so simple to make I poured it over the top of the sponge for instant fudge cake;

instant sugar hit- for no extra pennies.
Incidentally I have managed 4 no spend days so far this week. I needed to get petrol and milk on Wednesday and haven't been near a shop except then. Yay me!


  1. Fantastic news on the NSD front, and the cake looks delicious

    Sharon x

    1. the cake is rather delicious, very hard not to eat half of it!
      I am adding today to the NSD as well, so 5 this week. I will have to go out tomorrow to get a few bits we are running low on ready for the next week, we are also off to pick your own pumpkins tomorrow. So will combine the trips out together.