Saturday, 19 October 2013

winteryifying the house.

As we have all heard the energy companies are putting their prices up -AGAIN!
I have enough trouble paying for our heating as it is and always try not to put the heating on until November and turn it off as close to March as I can. To help reduce the time our heating is on for I have upgraded all of our curtains to lined curtains earlier in the year. Today I have put a curtain up in front of our drafty front door.

A small change but I am hoping it will make a big difference to us. I am also getting better at closing doors around the house, I hate closing the doors as it makes me feel closed in which I hate. But slowly I am getting myself trained at this as it does make a big difference to keeping a room warm.

Do you have any other tips for saving money on the heating bill that could help me and others?


  1. I do the curtain thing too, I have my door curtain up all year though as our weather is so changeable. I put foil behind the radiators to reflect heat, I invest in lots of blankets and thows for the sofa to keep us warm in the evenign when the heating switches off, I use my slow cooker a lot in winter, it really does heat the house up gently, and less elctricity or gas usage. I layer up the bed, so an old quilt folled by the sheet, then top sheet then duvets, makes the bed lovely and toasty. Hot water bottles but for the little ones i have the bears that you warm up in the microwave as I feel safer with them havign the bear instead of the hot water


    1. Oh yes, you have reminded me of lots of the things I do usually.
      Have never tried the quilt under sheets trick. I'll have to invest in some if find them cheap enough and give it a try. Thanks.