Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday figures!

Today I did our weekly shop I spent ever so slightly over the £20.00 budget with the total shop coming in at £20.16. However, there was a pair of tights for Stephanie in that at £1.50 plus £3.00 worth of Christmas treats for the stash.

So all in all I'm happy enough with that.

In total this last week I have had 5 no spend days! Result. I'm hoping to have the same again this week. I will need to go to the shops after work one day as I am cooking in school but that is reimbursed so as long as I am good and don't buy anything for home that doesn't count! LOL

This afternoon Stephanie and I went to the local pumpkin farm We went last year and it is so much fun, the staff are so friendly and really try to make it fun, as well as raising money for charity at the same time. We paid £6.00 for our 4 pumpkins, I'm very impressed with this. If I have time I might go back next weekend when I have more cash to get some for storing. As I learnt last year that if clean and dry they store for months! So perfect for soup making throughout the cold winter months.

spooky trailer!

The only spider she is brave enough to touch!

puddle fun- finding out which is deepest and how deceivingly deep they are. The wellies got flooded LOL

"I want this one mum!"
Once we finished playing in the mud we came home and cleaned the pumpkins and foot wear off. All are now drying on a plastic mat in the kitchen. Stephanie is relaxing in the bath.
I'm off to find my knitting- if I can stop sneezing for long enough, a cold started yesterday and is in full swing today. I am determined to keep going and not let it beat me though.


  1. oooh i hope your cold goes away soon, I seem to have some thing that is lingering, I am sure I am alergic to children ha ha, I always have it when the childminded children are around :)

    I am aiming for 5 NSD next week too, any my knitting is keeping me busy so I stay away from the shops.

    Looks like you had a fabulous time at the pumpkin patch

    Sharon x

  2. Maybe that's what it is- I'm allergic to other people's chn, lol how to avoid them and still get paid hmmmm! Lol
    Good luck with the NSDs next week.
    Pumpkin patch is great fun, it's becoming a yearly event :-)