Friday, 1 November 2013

almost the end of the half term :-(

I have loved this half term, don't I love all of them?! I get time at home to spend with the children and to catch up on jobs that just don't happen in the school term.

This half term is a little more odd though, my only issue with it is that it has forced me to face the fact that Dylan is growing up :-(

He has npt been home at all since Sunday. He wanted to spend some time with his Dad, quite rightly so went off to his Dad's for a couple of days. Then he has been to his aunts for a couple of nights. I get a phone call each day, usually to just let me know he won't be home or can I bring some clean clothes etc. He doesn't want to join in with the things I am doing with Stephanie, today we are meant to be going to the Roman villa- that is not interesting to this 15 year old boy. Tomorrow he is off to his Dad's as he doesn't want to come to the football match that we are going to or the fireworks with me in the evening.

I fear he has reached the stage where it is not cool to go out with the family. This makes me a little sad. I'm sure there are some days he will still want to join us on. I'm feeling a little glum that he has got here, and also a little like I am doing more with Stephanie than him. Although this is purely because he doesn't want to join us. I have tried so hard since Stephanie was born to have them both included in everything it seems odd now to do things with Stephanie and not have Dylan there.

I am off now to give Stephanie a hug, today has not started well and she is back in bed already in an effort to find a happy place! It won't be long and she will be wanting to do her own thing rather than joining her poor mum.

this is not Stephanie but it is how her face looked this morning when I said it was breakfast time.

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