Friday, 1 November 2013

A much better day

Our day might have started a bit fraught but it was much better. Stephanie and I went to Lullingstone Roman villa. She has been learning about Romans at school so we went to have a look at the real thing. It is part of the English Heritage properties so we didn't have to pay to get in or for the car park, saving £9.90 for entrance fees and £2.50 for the car park without our membership this would have been an unaffordable day out at the moment.

reading the information boards

trying the clothes on

Once we had finished we went back to the car for lunch.

enjoying her soup- flasks are great aren't they! Once we had finished lunch we left and saw signs for a castle so once we found somewhere to park we went to have a look. It doesn't matter how many castles we have seen previously this child always loves to visit more!

This one is more of a shell than a castle, there is not a huge amount of it left, it had been argues over and fell into disrepair many centuries ago.
Stephanie was horrified to read that parts of the roman villa had been taken apart in order to build the castle. I had to explain that the villa didn't have the same status back when the castle was first built- it was just like recycling the materials. She understood a little better then.
We came home and then had dinner. Dylan has decided to come home just for tonight. He is off to his Dad's tomorrow as he doesn't want to come to the football or fireworks.
Now I am off to sit in front of the tv with my knitting I feel the need for something to switch off my brain!

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