Saturday, 9 November 2013

Last weekend

I didn't get around to posting last weekend, and today I am avoiding paperwork! so I thought I would post about last weekend now.

Saturday I went to watch Stephanie dance with the cheerleaders and the local football stadium. She loved it, turns out she has as much interest in the actual football as I do! LOL we left at half time.

Here she is on pitch just before dancing- yes it did start to rain as the children came out. Turns out pompoms can be used to keep your hair dry!

Beginning of the dance routine

In full swing!
Stephanie had a brilliant time dancing, although it turns out she has her mum's interest in football- we ended up leaving at half time as she really had had her fill.

After the football we went to the fireworks show, I didn't get any pictures as my phone battery was flat after videoing the dancing and the millions of calls and messages from proud family members. When we got home from football we had another power cut so I couldn't charge the phone. Maybe there'll be spare cash soon so that I can buy a new camera.

On Sunday we went out with my sister and her family to The enchanted woods.

I love a good action shot- The gang involved in their own thing! LOL
We had lots of running, climbing, swinging and puddle jumping fun;

Then a quick cousin cuddle before going home;

A lovely weekend before getting back into the 'term-time routines'.

I am avoiding paperwork but I need to stop and go and get on with it I suppose. So will be back later with a 'what's happening this week' post.

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