Sunday, 24 November 2013

challenge and an over-achievement

I enjoy running, I have been an on/off runner for years. I enjoy the feeling when I run and just after I have however I often lack the motivation to run in the first place! Last week I was looking through the blogs I follow and I saw a post by frugal queen about how she enjoys running and her fabulous fitness after beginning to run. Froog's was very brave and posted some pictures of her self during her 5 km run last sunday. This motivated me to get myself up and out of bed running before work on onday, but Tuesday rain was torrential- so I laid in bed. Then Stephanie was poorly with  sickness bug so I couldn't go running before work. So today I decided I was going to make a a little moage to Froog's achievement laat week I went for a run and took some dodgy pictures of myself as I went. I do not do glamour when running and my selfies are awful but here you go!

I went to a lake a short drive from my home as it is picturesque and tranquil- and mostly flat! The lake is 2.4km or 1.5m all the way round so I set myself the target of jogging as much of 2 laps as I could.

just about to set off!

1 lap in and still running, I was amazed I hadn't needed to stop and walk!

A blurry (still running) shot of the wildlife- not quite the cattle Froog's has to contend with- rather elegant swans and noisy coots here.
end of lap 2- still no walking! I was so shocked I decided to keep going and see if I could run another lap bringin my total run to 7.5km.
I completed lap 3, starting to feel tired but still running so I went for lap 4. To see how close to 10km I could run. I wasn't actually asleep as I ran but well taking pictures of yourself is very tricky when running- I have lots of shots of the floor LOL

My amazed and happy face! I did it I ran all the way around the lake 4 times- NO WALKING!! that's a massive 10km. I must keep up with this.
My after run treat waiting in the car for me!


  1. Brilliant! keep on running girly and you didn't look as bad as I did - I thought I was going to expire!

    1. Thanks Froog's for the kick up the butt to start moving again. It's exhausting but such a good feeling when you get to the end :-)