Thursday, 14 November 2013

How far can you...

Stretch out one of these;

I am very impressed with one my mother in law bought for us. It was a medium chicken she found in the reduced section of the supermarket. It cost her £3.00, I think.

So far we have had 5 dinners for the three of us, and one lunch. The meat is now all gone but I still have 2 large jars of stock made from the bones in the fridge. so that has been less than 20p a meal each from this one bird.

I have been paying attention to our portion sizes again. I was weighing meticulously a few months back but I have been lazy- which results in over cooking. So I have used the love food hate waste portion calculator this evening. I found that even using this I had too much food for te 3 of us. I weighed out the suggested pasta for 1 adult and 2 children. Knowing that while Dylan is able to eat as much as an adult Stephanie doesn't eat very much. Even so we still have a large portion of pasta left which Dylan is taking for lunch tomorrow. So I will try the portions for 3 children next time and see how we get on with that.

This week is set to be very low cost for me meal wise- we have had the chicken which cost me nothing for the last 5 days, tomorrow we have a very large pizza which we will share with garlic bread, both of which arrived from the same source as the chicken.
For lunches Dylan has been taking chicken sandwich, made from reduced priced bread so has been 25p for the loaf we have used this week. Stephanie has been taking houmous and vegetable dips, the vegetables were bought for 50p the houmous £1. I have been having a pot of soup which cost me 19p it will be the last and 4th meal from it for me tomorrow. There has been a little cost in vegetables with each meal, the pasta and potatoes but this were bought in bulk so minimal cost.

How far have you managed to stretch your budget this week?

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