Monday, 30 December 2013

off to a flying start

Yesterday I set out my goals for savings for 2014. It may be classed as a  slight cheat, but already in the savings account where the car repayments are going was almost enough money to make January's saving target- it was £50.00 short. So I log into my bank this morning and there is a £24.00 from quidco for switching my energy supplier. So that money was swiftly transferred. Then I thought as I know I have enough food in the freezer/cupboards to have our dinners for the next month I only need to buy perishables as and when needed I transferred the rest of the money to make up to the £50.00. So I have already made January's target.

That doesn't mean I won't be saving at all in January, it just means the extra money I save will go into the other savings account I hold to build up an emergency fund. Currently I don't have one but it's time I built one. Tightwad year here I come!!


I am looking forward to this challenging year.


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